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Travel shorter distances and focus on key capital cities.

The Central Europe Triangle Pass allows travel on any one of the following routes:

  • Vienna-Prague, Prague-Budapest, Budapest-Vienna or
  • Vienna-Prague, Prague-Salzburg, Salzburg-Vienna

The journey can be started in any one of the mentioned cities and made in any sequence.

This pass is perfectly suited for the needs of today's travellers, focusing on shorter durations and on capital cities. Travel on this pass in 2nd Class only.



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    2nd Class  
    Adult Child  
Vienna - Budapest - Prague - Vienna $228 $114
Vienna - Salzburg - Prague - Vienna $228 $114

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Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangable

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Booking Fee

Please note: a Booking and Shipping fee of $9.00 per booking will be added to the above prices, if the booking amount is less than $599.00.


Prices will be subject to change on a weekly basis unless paid in full.
  • Available in 2nd class only
  • The journey can be started in any one of the mentioned cities above
  • You must nominate a start date for the pass

High Speed and premier trains require seat reservations. To obtain seat reservations we highly recommend that you pre-purchase your seats as far in advance of your travel date as possible. Passholder seat reservations are limited.

Fare types

  • Adult
  • Child: 4 - 11 years


Central Europe Triangle Pass

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