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Thalys End of Year Promotion

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Paris | Brussels | Amsterdam | Cologne | French Alps

Looking for a champagne experience on a beer budget? Treat yourself to fares that won’t break the bank with the Thalys End of Year promotion. Travel between Paris<>Brussels/Cologne/Amsterdam, Brussels<>Cologne/Amsterdam, Lille<>Amsterdam at a top speed of 300km per hour. Experience life in the fast lane aboard the Thalys “Red Train” on your next adventure!

Travel dates

  • 17th Dec, 2018 - 24th Feb 2019 -  Belgium-Netherlands, Paris-Netherlands, Paris-Belgium, Paris-Germany
  • 17th Dec, 2018 - 16th Mar 2019 - Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Antwerp - French Alps
  • 17th Dec, 2018 - 23rd Mar 2019 - French Alps - Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Antwerp
  • 17th Dec, 2018 - 23rd Mar 2019 - French Alps - Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Antwerp
  • 17th Dec, 2018 - 20th Apr 2019 - French Alps-Brussels

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Paris known to be the city of romance with spectacular jaw dropping monuments such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, Mona Lisa at the Louvre and one of the worlds famous landmarks the Eiffel Tower are only a few of the beautiful sights to see in France and that's just Paris. A country where tourist discover the uniqueness of France from their language and culture that is fiercely protected by its people, to its great tastes in wine, food and cheese, arts and architecture.


Train Travel in France

France has one of the most extensive and modern railway networks in Europe. The railway network is managed by SNCF, the French national railway company. SNCF literally stands for Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français in French. More than 32,000 km of railway tracks are managed by SNCF. The group is a leading travel company in France and throughout the world. The high speed rail service in France is almost entirely operated by SNCF through its flagship trains called the TGV. Other local and regional trains are operated by the company. Regional trains are called TER. A seat reservation is mandatory for pass holders to travel on board the TGV.






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