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A country that is located within central Europe is still considered a hidden gem. This compact country allows travelers to experience a whole range of landscapes and activities, beach breaks and if you enjoy the outdoors, there are also great opportunities to enjoy the mountains, the lakes and even underground attractions in the Karst region.


Train Travel in Slovenia

The state railway company of Slovenia is the Slovenian Railways, also known as Slovenske železnice (SŽ). The railway network of Slovenia consists of over 1,200 km of railway tracks. It is one of the smallest networks in Europe. There are international trains linking Slovenia with Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. The hub for train transportation is Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. There are severl types of trains which operate in Slovenia, including the InterCity Slovenija (ICS), the InterCity (IC), the EuroCity (EC), the International trains (MV), the EuroNight (EN), and local passenger trains (RG and LP).






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