Glacier Express : Onboard

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General information

Train Features

  • Panoramic carriages in 1st Class & 2nd Class as well as the new Excellence Class (launching March 2019).
  • Elegant interiors
  • Air-conditioned
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Headphones and information brochure in 6 languages, plus 2 music channels. The most interesting landmarks are pointed out & explained along the route. 

Excellence Class - Launched March 2019 (Call or email us to book)

Launched in March 2019, the spectacular Glacier Express has become even more wonderful with a brand new class of travel - Excellence Class. Be taken on a journey for the senses: Guests are treated to Champagne & Amuse-bouches, followed by a decadent 5-course menu accompanied with wine. All while enjoying the incredible Swiss scenery passing by outside. 


  • Welcome desk and check-in at the station platform.
  • Luggage transport (from / to station platform).
  • Tablet for onboard entertainment.
  • Exclusive Concierge Service.
  • Guaranteed window seat due to comfortable lounge seating.
  • Trendy bar in the coach.
  • Catering included: welcome drink, snacks during the day, soft drinks, aperitif and appetisers, high-quality seasonal and regional 5-course lunch (including wine), teatime in the afternoon.
  • Not included: wine cabinet with first-class selection of wine, high-quality offer of liquors.
  • Seat reservation in Excellence Class is required and available on trains 902 / 903 / 923. Only available to travellers holding a 1st class ticket/pass for the entire route St. Moritz<>Zermatt. The cost of the reservation and surcharge is in addition to the cost of the 1st class ticket/pass.

Panoramic 1st Class


  • Oversized windows which extend to the roof and provide all-round panoramic views
  • 36 seats with table
  • Air-conditioning
  • Sealed windows
  • In 1st class of each Glacier Express train, there is a wheelchair space as well as a restroom for passengers with limited mobility.

Panoramic 2nd Class



  • Oversized windows which extend into the roof and provide all-round panoramic views
  • 48 seats with table
  • Air-conditioning
  • Sealed windows 


  • Seat reservations are compulsory.
  • Seat reservations can only be made up to 90 days from date of travel


In the roaring 1920's, because of adventurous reports from alpine enthusiasts, the travel-keen upper-class from all four corners of the world at long last discovered the rustic charms of the Swiss Alps; previously remote mountain villages such as Zermatt and St.Moritz were transformed into chic health resorts. The three railway companies of that period (VZ - later BVZ, RhB and FOB) respectively successfully took advantage of the tourism potential at hand with the opening of the route between the Valais and Graubünden in 1926: the introduction of the through coaches Brig - Chur and Brig - St.Moritz exclusively in summer was met with a lot of interest amongst the travelling public. By the way, it was to take more than 50 years before the trains were able to also cross the impassable Furka alpine route in winter.