Deutsche Bahn (DB) Germany : Overview


Up to 91% off Germany year-round! Specials

Up to 91% off Germany year-round!



Super Sparpreis fares are point to point rail fares in Germany offering up to 91% off the standard rate! They are available year-round (subject to availability) and are instant purchase. Deutsche Bahn (DB) offers these fares year-round in first and second class, allowing travellers to experience Germany at speeds of up to 320km/h for less! 

Popular Routes:

to/from 1st Class 2nd Class 1st Class 2nd Class Travel Time
Berlin - Munich $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 3h58m
Frankfurt Airport - Cologne $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 50m
Berlin - Frankfurt $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 4h08m
Munich - Nuremberg $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 1h04m
Berlin - Dresden $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 2h08m
Heidelberg - Stuttgart* $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 1h40m
Hannover - Munich $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 4h34m

*Price does not include seat reservations

1st Class

  • 2+1 seats in each row
  • Comfortable reclining leather seats with folding tables
  • At seat food service trolley offering snacks and hot & cold drinks for purchase
  • Quiet zones available
  • Air conditioning
  • Power sockets at all seats

2nd Class

  • Reclining seats with folding tables
  • Trolley service with beverages

Other Amenities

  • At seat power sockets
  • Dining car
  • Free WIFI
  • ICE Portal - free on board information & entertainment. Stream free of charge. 

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Deutsche Bahn (DB)

Germany's rail network, Deutsche Bahn (DB) can get you anywhere in Germany. German trains take passengers domestically and also on some international routes to the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France & Denmark. Regional

The high speed ICE (InterCity Express) train is the fastest connection between cities. More information on the different types of German rail services in the train tabs above.

Main routes

Routing Travel Time
Berlin <> Cologne 4h16
Berlin <> Frankfurt 3h11
Berlin <> Munich 3h58
Cologne <> Stuttgart 2h13
Dresden <> Nuremburg 3h31
Frankfurt <> Munich 3h11
Munich <> Heidelburg 2h58
Frankfurt <> Hamburg 3h09
Berlin <> Prague 4h16
Bern <> Hamburg 3h30
Amsterdam <> Cologne 2h35
Amsterdam <> Berlin 6h27